Emerging from their hiding places in concrete columns pre-engineered steel structures (PEBs) are innovative solutions for construction projects across several sectors. As Infrastructure construction across the country is combining speed, economy, safety, strength and aesthetics at awe inspiring levels, steel structures, until now a primary foundation element, have risen as complete solutions in construction projects for various structural requirements. India is growing fast as an economy for pre-engineered buildings (PEBs) as it is witnessing a boom in the infrastructure sector. Structural steel buildings or PEBs are addressing parameters including finishes, environment control and life cycle with a panache derived from product innovation and technology advancement.

While the application of PEBs has a wide potential, the concept is recognized and preferred in the industrial construction segment. Add to that the reduced time to completion with the benefit of quality, and there is recipe for success. "PEB is getting its due credit as a favorable alternative construction methodology in India today. More sectors are realizing the benefits of metal over brick and mortar. The scope of metal/steel buildings is very vast for the Indian market. PEB proves to be relevant and beneficial to several construction verticals including warehousing, infrastructure, oil & gas refineries as well as group housing.

Pre-engineered building is a good solution as optimization of total structural steel weight and time is involved. The low cost involvement in construction makes PEBs suitable for housing, defense and school buildings. Here PEBs have developed capacity to cross limitations of size.

Why Choose a Steel Building?

  • Flexibility-
  • Durability and Longevity-
  • Speed
  • Safety-
  • Environment-
  • Cost Advantages - Design and Materials, Less Labor