CLIENT BRIEF: The Sikkim state is to aggressively promote pilgrimage tourism with its vision to document Sikkim as one of the topmost pilgrimage tourism .The project basically aims to portray the entire narrative of the holy book ‘RAMAYANA’ into a visual form providing a unique experience for the visitors to witness each characters and events of the epic happenings.

DESIGN APPROACH: The Ramayana village has been designed to give the live experience to the visitors and to feel the spirituality and morality of the life of Rama. The entire episode of Ramayana including the ambience, characters, events, palace of kings, etc, and 7 kandas of rams life has replicated and displayed over 35 acres of land which gives them unique experience with the mountains & stream. As the story goes Village’s starts with balakanda & ayudhya kanda as The palace gallery .It is designed with curvilinear form in plan and also adopted in roof- a graphical expression of lotus flower which is associated with beauty, fertility, prosperity and eternity in Hinduism. Open aranya gallery is to depict the aranya kanda and movie theatre is to depict yuddha kanda, uttara kanda, sundhara kanda. BOW AND ARROW is taken as the main concept for the design of the main shrine as the bow and arrow symbolic representation of Rama.