In this competition we started concept by deriving form. Concept was intersection of form creates a dynamic expression of the form in the south-east. This form receive the light from the north and south respectively. To maintain the opaque mass of the building on east side.

It was a 2B+G+5 in structure, form is self shading of the building will be provided with low performance glass when compare to the glass provided at projected surface and the self shading form of the building will be avoided wit cavity wall, the form will give the scattered light effect free of glare to use and the electrical consumption of the HVAC will also get reduced.

It was an energy efficient architecture, the plans enables flexible interiors maintaining hierarchy among the officials.providing.,Fullheight partition for E7.E5 and E6 officials , Cubicles for E3 – E4 official , Low height partition for E3-E4official and Workstations for class 3 and class 4 officials